An overview of our greeting cards

Each person can identify with an ethnic group or a particular culture while our cities become more and more multicultural. In this time of globalization, Adorable note celebrates world diversity and cultural ethnicity with bilingual multiethnic greeting cards! 
Bilingual ethnic greeting Cards 
for special occasions such as graduation, birthday, wedding, new job, retirement, anniversary, new baby, new home and much more mix native languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Tagalog, Tahitian, Chinese, Creole, Bassa, Lari, Lingala, Swahili, Éwé, Wolof, Zulu and much more with French or English. 

Furthermore, our partnership with health professionals from the Health Coach Nurse company allow us to offer a wide range of multiethnic greeting cards including health promotion and disease prevention.

If you are looking for amazing ethnic greeting cards with typical and original designs, you'll find them here. So, let's celebrate together! Take a tour and discover languages, history, customs and cultures of people from all around the world. Select a language on the navigation bar above in order to view hundreds of bilingual ethnic greeting cards. Enjoy your visit!




Below, some greeting cards you may find on Adorable note website. 

Health promotion greeting cards
Being sick is not fun and prevention is the best way to avoid diseases. Help your Friends to stay healthy and adopt healthy lifestyle.


Just to say Hola!
This beautiful ethnic greeting card inspired from Mexico is perfect to keep in touch with family and friends.


Four leaf clover greeting card.
Excellent to wish good luck, this card will show how much you care about him or her. Interior is blank for you personal message.


Ethnic greeting card from Africa
Make a good warm and deep sensation by offering this inspiring African sunset greeting card. Definitely Awesome!

Out of sight but not out of mind.
This sexy cow girl will help you express your feelings and send over hugs when you are away from your sweet heart.